Don't underestimate the power of social media.  When looking to drive leads you need to be where the people are.  Start improving your social media marketing with these 5 Tips:

Really Interesting1.  Be interesting.  Yes, we know you are a real estate agent.  Just because you are a real estate agent doesn't mean your posts are limited to listings.  The "Just Listed!" social media posting is the most overused post and probably the most ineffective.  You're an authority in your market.  Lean on what you know well and educate and inform your audience.

2. Frequency.  Posting here and there doesn't create any flow or expectations from your audience.  Create a schedule and follow it consistently.  Don't overpost, but do create a familiar pattern that your followers will start to recognize.

3. Consistency.  The most successful people in Social Media marketing share one very important characteristic.  They are consistent with their messaging and how they present themselves.  It may take time to develop your own style but work to get there and be consistent.  Consistency creates familiarity.

4. Test. Test. Test.  The best way to find your groove is to test different ideas and strategies.  Experiment with different types of content you create and share as well as the times of day you post.  Perhaps you share an interesting article at 8am and publish a new blog at 7pm.  Learn from your results and keep working at it.

Homeadnet For Real Estate Professionals5. Take an interest in others.  Sometimes the best way to engage people on social media is to take an interest in what they are doing.  Leave a comment.  Ask a question.  Even target the individuals you'd like to see following your content. By taking an interest in others you end up on their radar and increase the likelihood they will respond in kind.

FINAL NOTE: Give these tips a fair shot and keep at it!  These habits are practised by some of the most successful marketers.  Homeadnet gives you a ton of tools to aid in your social media marketing efforts.  Don't hesitate to contact support if you'd like to understand how to maximize your tools. 

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