In my previous 5 Tips list one of the ways to help you get noticed on Social Media was to be more interesting.  So now I’ve got 5 Tips to help make you more interesting on Social Media.

Look in the mirror

Look in the mirror.  Start off by stepping outside of yourself and look at your social media presence.  Pretend you are a follower of this person. Even take yourself out of the real estate market for the time being.  Is there anything interesting to read, click on or share? Would you follow this person and pay attention to what they have to say?  Be extremely honest with yourself. If the answer is “NO” to some of these questions, that is OK. You have taken your first big step towards becoming more interesting on Social Media.

See what others are doing.  Don’t be afraid to size up the competition.  Research the top performers in your market and evaluate what they do on social media.  Yes, some old school agents who have been in the game for a long time may have built up a sizeable contact list and don't use social media.  That’s your opportunity. Evaluate progressive agents who are great marketers and observe what they do on social media.


Homeadnet For Real Estate ProfessionalsPortray yourself how you want to be seen by others.  Everything you share on social media is a reflection of you.  The beauty of social media is you have the ability to shape how you want to be seen.  If all you do is share listings you’re telling an old story and most will tune you out.  If you want to been seen as a specialist in a particular area then focus your content on just that.  Share your knowledge and expertise. Enlighten people with things they may not know. Turn yourself into a subject matter expert.


Avoid the obvious.  Yes, you are a real estate agent and your job is to sell houses.  Do you want to hear from your dentist in between visits? Most aren’t interested in your latest listing.  However, as an agent you are out there in the community. You know your area. Probably better than most. Dig for uniqueness.


Own your niche.  You can’t be everything to everybody.  You’ll spread yourself too thin and your messaging won’t resonate deeply with those who do follow you.  Decide what it is you do best. That thing you can talk at length about that you’re confident others will find useful.  That is the best place to start. Much like you reading this blog others like to learn and discover as well. You can expand your topics later but hone in on your niche and own it.


FINAL NOTE:  Social Media marketing can seem daunting if you are racing towards a result.  Stop, take a deep breath and be yourself. This is only one part of what you should be focusing on.  Treat it like part of your daily routine and develop your style over time. Be proud of who you are and share your enthusiasm with others.  That can be infectious.  Homeadnet has the built in tools to help your social media pursuits.  Don't hesitate to contact support if you'd like to understand how to maximize your tools. 

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