Something made me chuckle today.

As CEO of Homeadnet you can imagine how consumed I am with our platform.  It was a major undertaking to build it and it continues to be a massive responsibility to manage it and build the business.  For those of you Real Estate Agents and Brokers who use it you know that it is jam packed with features to help Real Estate professionals market themselves.  We provide Real Estate Lead Generation ability through our website management and social media tools.  We offer built in SEO optimization and a whole toolkit of features to help agents build Real Estate Leads.  So what made me chuckle you ask?  Of all of the features I work hard to promote I often forget that we deliver the Best Websites for Real Estate Agents.  It's not always about free templates and pretty pictures.  It's what is under the hood that makes the real difference.  Having a website in this day and age is not such a big deal.  It's the ability to market and drive leads with that website that makes the difference for professionals.  I'm not suggesting that design is not important.  On the contrary.  Many of our members have achieved beautiful results with their own designs.  What makes our websites the best, in my humble opinion, is what you can do with them after the design is complete.

Homeadnet Real Estate WebsitesWhen  agents or brokers are looking for Real Estate Websites for themselves or their team they often focus on the look and feel.  That's only 50% of the equation.  Having the ability to update content whenever you need to and ensure the content you create is easily accessible for your potential audience is so critical.  Content is the centre of the web marketing universe.  It's what Google uses to rate your relevancy and rank you in search.  So a website with pretty pictures and few updates will sink into search engine oblivion.  Dynamic websites that drive an effective content strategy should be a requirement for every Realtor Website.  If no one can find your site 

Homeadnet Real Estate Websites

what is the point of having one?

Homeadnet makes websites. We do!  We make the Best Websites for Real Estate Agents.  For Brokers too! The reason is simple.  We offer the tools Real Estate professionals need to create AND market their websites through easy to use web and social media marketing workflows.  All in one place with one single login.

If you haven't already signed up give us a try.  We believe in our product so much that we offer FREE starter accounts.  Discover

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