homeadnet contentGood content is something you can own and leverage.  You may not be able to sell it for land value but you can certainly use it as a foundation for your online marketing. 

The one thing the web has done is level the playing field for all that choose to make the effort.  Television, for example, is a one directional experience.  You either create the content or you consume it.  What has made the web so popular is the ability to have two-way conversations.   In the early days of the web there were bulletin boards and chat rooms.  Today there is social media.  Through a little creativity and effort the average person can build an audience and become an influencer right from their living room.

homeadnet slice of the pieThe Real Estate industry is the perfect industry to find opportunity on the web.  Statistics show a very small percentage of agents and brokers make the lion share of the revenue in most major markets.  This is not unlike a lot of industries.  What the short history of the web has taught us is that there is opportunity even for the smallest companies.   For the individual agent looking to build their business they can look online to find their edge.

homeadnet contentContent is the centre of everything online.  Good content builds your character and brand.  Good content is indexed by Google and improves your search rankings.  But most importantly good content starts conversations.  And in a business where word of mouth is everything I’d say getting people to talk about your business is imperative.

Good content doesn’t have to be complicated.  You don’t have to know how to produce your own tv commercial or radio show.  You can blog, share articles you enjoy, share your favourite pictures and create dynamic property listings loaded with descriptions.  Start conversations with other agents and prospective clients.  Being active socially is a great start.  You will build an online network and you will find inspiration for your own content.

homeadnet logoHOMEADNET provides you with a way to make this super easy.  You have the ability to update your website’s content so it doesn’t become stale.  You can blog, share links and videos and connect all of this activity to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.  You also have the ability to build up your contacts list with agents and brokers in so many markets.   The opportunities online for even the newest of agents is incredible.  All it takes is a commitment to the process.  If you consider your marketing as important as submitting that offer then you need to make a regular commitment to market yourself.  Take the time to understand the tools your HOMEADNET account provides and see very quickly how that commitment can energize your sales and marketing results.  Remember, everyone has equal access to the web.  If you don’t make that commitment your competition will.

Thanks for reading!