They say no man is an Island.  If that weren’t the case there would be a Real Estate agent, man or woman, that would want to put a for sale sign on it.  I wonder if they would position it for multiples?

As our HOMEADNET community grows we feel a growing responsibility to help all of our users find the true potential for their accounts.  Creating something new is very exciting.  And what is even more exciting is when members of our community begin to discover features and tailor their accounts to their specific needs.

HOMEADNET offers a very unique experience.  Where else can you build your own custom website, build up contacts in a Real Estate focused network, and communicate directly to all of your other social network accounts?   All together creating a truly powerful marketing experience for your business.  You have it all right here on HOMEADNET.  Now all it takes is to discover how to make your account work for you.

What runs through the center of our platform is a social thread.  We enable you to be social by connecting you to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.    However, HOMEADNET is in itself a Social Network.  One that only allows Realtors to join.  Those who have taken full advantage of their social connections love the ability to see what other agents are doing and following trends and happenings within and outside of their markets.  Realtors post listings, yes.  But they also blog, share articles and videos and provide insight for other Realtors to consume and share.  That is how a social ecosystem works.  Feed it and it will feed you back.  Signing up for a free account and then sitting back and waiting for something to happen rarely pays any dividends.  However, try sharing resourceful articles if writing is not your style. 

Social Media

 Share a video or a link to your favourite magazine site.  You can also share content that originates right here on our network.  We have some expert bloggers 

providing great articles and the team at The Real Estate Talk Show™ are producing a Realtor Tips video series specifically for our community.  One of your colleagues may have missed a show.  Go ahead and share it to the HOMEADNET feed.  Bottom line, others will notice when you like or share their content and they will be more likely to share yours back if you do.  This activity feeds itself.  And since all of your activity on HOMEADNET can be broadcasted to your connected social accounts don’t under-estimate how this can stimulate lead capture for your business.   Your content and social activity all point back to you and your business, making you more relevant in the web world and giving prospects even more chances to find you and even more reasons to consider you for their real estate needs.

Thanks For Reading!