Helping You Grow Your Audience and Drive Leads

You may have noticed some changes recently to your Homeadnet account.  Aside from a change in colours we have transitioned Homeadnet to focus more on what we know our members LOVE.  An overwhelming number of our members who we surveyed said getting in front of potential clients was the most important thing to them.  That has always been our number 1 goal but we have moved to make that feature set a priority and even easier to access.

New Dashboard

New Dashboard

The first thing you'll see now when you login is the new dashboard.  We have collected the most essential website modules and social media connection tools and provided access right from this dashboard.  For our premium members we have also added a lead capture report to this main dashboard so you can easily see any new leads your site has captured.  For now it is a simple list but we are evaluating additional features for consideration in a future update.  This means we Left Side Menuwere also able to simply the left side menu.   You no longer have to go fishing for the different modules.  You can access them all right from your dashboard.  The support link has been relocated to this side menu so you can get in touch with us even easier. And when you need to get back to the dashboard from anywhere else in the platform just look for that green button in the top Tab Bar.  That will easily take you right back.

tab bar

Import Listings

Premium members! Make sure to take a closer look at your property listings manager.  You can now import listings from your connected listings feed right from inside the property listings manager.  The name of your feed will be listed in the left side menu.  Just search via MLS number.  You can also search your Homeadnet listings via the search box at the top of your list of properties.

Import Listings 

Keeping It Social

Our social network used to sit on the main page when you first login.  You'll notice it is no longer there.  The social network never functioned how we originally imagined it would but something amazing developed.  Referrals!!  That's right!  Agents developed relationships with other agents in different markets and found some relocation business.  So we have re-imagined the network and moved it over a little bit in the tab bar to our new Referral Network where you can mange your contacts and search and connect with other members and build your own cross market opportunities or even find good relationships within your own market.  

Referral Network

No More Free

The original vision for Homeadnet was to create a free site that would generate revenue from advertising and cross marketing opportunities.  However we shifted to a freemium model where you could enhance your free account with industry-leading premium tools.  Over time we have learned that very few of our "free" accounts get used.  It is our paid members who appreciate the value of good marketing tools.  So going forward, new members can enjoy a 30-day free trial which includes most of our premium website and social media tools.  However, after 30 days they will need to subscribe to a premium service to continue enjoying the benefits of Homeadnet.  Free members who have been with us prior to this change will get to maintain access to their free account indefinitely.

It's All About You

I've always said your success is our success.  And I truly mean that.  We are nothing without our loyal members and we want to continue to drive Homeadnet to be better and better.  Your growth is our growth and everything we build is designed to help you drive your business.  Please share any thoughts you have about our changes or any additional thoughts you may have.  Just head over to your account, check out the new dashboard and click the big "NEED HELP" button and send us your thoughts.

Thanks For Reading!