HOMEADNET is a community.  You have all of the tools you need to create a great website and share all of your content to your connected social networks but you are also part of an exclusive real estate community.

And the community is growing as we welcome agents from all over North America.  And a few from other parts of the world!  Everyone is welcome and we learn new things with every new member that joins.

To celebrate our community spirit we have launched our new Community Channel "Your Community.  Your Voice".  Here we will be sharing blogs and videos by expert contributors and from members of our HOMEADNET community!

Just click on the  HOMEADNET logo at the top of your account page to visit the new channel.

We are on the lookout for the best bloggers.  Any blog that we feel has the creative flair and talks to our professional community of Realtors will be eligible for our new community channel.  Just go ahead and blog and publish them to your account.  If we like it you may just get front page visibility!

Have fun!!!