One of the biggest challenges for any new online business is establishing real credibility.  This credibility creates confidence, makes users feel comfortable and ultimately grows an engaged community.  And this part is extremely important.  People value time and the web is a notorious time waster.


So how do you create credibility?  Home Adnet is faced with this task as it plans to launch into the marketplace in 2013.  As a new marketing platform for Realtors it needs to establish itself as a trusted source.  A source that is reliable and meaningful.  This takes time.  This is a trust we have committed to earning.


Our goal is to provide invaluable tools that Realtors feel they can’t live without.  That’s a big goal.  However, it’s a goal we are working very, very hard to achieve.    We feel we have identified a void in the Real Estate community.  We’re creating a portal that gathers like-minded Real Estate professionals into a niche social environment while also supplying free tools designed specifically for the niche industry it serves.


So how do we plan to do this you ask?  Thanks for asking.  Our strategy is simple.  We are building a great product first and foremost.  We’re not focusing on revenue first.  We are laser focused on building a product that delivers exceptional value.  We are building a product that Realtors will find extremely useful and helpful.  And we are offering these services for free.  When we say free we mean FREE.  As a business we will obviously have to generate revenue.   We’ve identified numerous revenue opportunities that will allow our business to grow while maintaining the free model we will present at our first offering.   However, goal number one is building a great product.  With a great product comes opportunity.   This is an opportunity we want to share with our users.  We are building, in essence, a marketing platform for Realtors.  It is being designed to integrate into the sales strategy for your business.  If it is successful, it means our users are successful.  It will mean a majority of our active community will earn significant benefits from the investment of time they put into the platform.


So what is Home Adnet building?  In a nutshell, we are integrating a Real Estate website builder with dynamic social media integration.  We’ve identified a lot of agents own and operate as a small business.  This means they wear many hats, one of which is maintaining their online presence.  This involves keeping their websites current and their social feeds active.  At times this can be a mammoth undertaking for an agent that needs to focus on core activities like buying and selling real estate for their clients.  So Home Adnet is streamlining the process by creating the TDP or True Dynamic Profile.  The TDP is a multi-faced website managed by a powerful content manager.   This allows you to manage all of the content on your website, network profile and your mobile web app.  Simply put, you use it to build a website using our easy to use tools.  You choose your layout, brand colours, logo and banner photo.  You input your property listings, add and organise articles and create all of the necessary pages your site requires.  This becomes your website.  It contains all of the necessary components a Realtor requires and it looks like a very professional site to your clients.  And for those who want to maintain their current site outside of the Home Adnet platform we will provide advanced tools that will allow you to share in the benefits of the Home Adnet Network while maintaining your current website.   I’ll discuss these features in more detail in a later blog.


Once you are satisfied with your site you will take great pleasure in knowing that your efforts have paid off in spades.  And you just got started!  While you were creating your site Home Adnet took care of a few things for you.  It created your personal profile on our Real Estate Social Network.  This is a version of your website that features your listings and provides powerful connection tools to other agents in your areas of interest.  This is your networking portal where you add contacts and cross promote your listings with other agents who have motivated buyers.  Your listings get promoted to the Home Adnet News Feed which is streamed to every user’s home page when they first log in.  It’s important to note that networking information on your profile is only available to registered users on the Home Adnet Network.  Anyone else who sees your site will only see the information you want to be publically available.   This is the information you want displayed on your public facing website.


Ready to go Mobile?  A problem with low end website builders is they are not fully compatible with mobile web browsers.   Some sites don’t display correctly at all.  Home Adnet automatically creates a Mobile Web App version of your website.  This is viewable by all of your clients on the go and supports today’s most popular mobile platforms like Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry.  The most important information you needto supply to prospective clients will be made readily available to most of the smartphones on the market today.   This is generated automatically.  Once your main site is setup there is no further work necessary on your part.


Connect to Facebook

Next comes Home Adnet’s social connectivity tools.  The platform connects your website’s activity to your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  When you add a new listing to your website, this information is blasted automatically to your other accounts.  If you don’t have time to jump back and forth between all of your accounts, the most important information that you need promoted will make its way there automatically.  If you commit to maintaining your website all of your social accounts will stay active and current simultaneously.  We are not saying that you never need to spend time on your other social accounts.  We are simply removing the repetitive tasks from your workflow and helping to keep your social feeds active when your real business minimizes the time you have available to spend on your computer.


The next major component is Home Adnet’s SEO tool, also known as Search Engine Optimization.  This tool identifies strong keywords throughout your site and uses them to promote your site to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Using SEO best practises, Home Adnet automatically organises this information under the hood of your website to help your site get found when users are searching for businesses like yours.  SEO is a complex process and requires a lot of effort to get it right.  However, you need to have the right structures in place to make any SEO campaign successful.  Without the knowhow or budget to outsource these tasks they often get neglected.  Home Adnet will take care of this for you.  There will also be advanced tools to allow power users the ability to manually manage their keywords.


On top of all of these tools Home Adnet plans to provide resources and information on how to maximize your tools and enjoy the true benefits of the platform.  There is a lot in the works and we will work hard to earn your trust.  Trust isn’t free and that is something we will never take for granted.


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