It's with a bit of a heavy heart and a tear that I have to announce we will be closing Homeadnet on December 31st, 2019.

Our vision of becoming a fixture in the Real Estate industry never materialized.  Our concepts were new and exciting.  We just couldn't get the industry to share our enthusiasm.  We watched inferior products succeed while we fought to get meetings with influencers.  While we have done reasonably well, we have had trouble scaling the business.  The good news for our business is the technology we architected will live on in other applications.  We just came to the realization that Homeadnet, in its current form, would not be the defacto Real Estate Social Media platform we had dreamed it would be.  While we have many fans and a very high retention rate, we just couldn't onboard agents in the numbers we needed to make a real go of this platform. And that's the part I will have trouble swallowing for years to come.  We know those who adopted us, loved us.  And to you guys, I'm sorry we are letting you down.

As a business, I am healthy and strong.  I just need to focus on the profitable and growing side of my business.  So I had to make the tough decision to manage my time accordingly.  And that meant veering away from Homeadnet. I still do work in the real estate world.  My main focus is on video production and social media marketing.  Just more on the custom side.  I also do a lot of consulting helping professionals brand themselves and to create a strong social media presence.  Please feel free to contact me at the information below this blog if you want to stay in touch.  And visit my website:

Also, there may be an opportunity to relaunch the Homeadnet platform under a new brand.  We are exploring opportunities to provide our technology to any business or individuals interested in launching this type of business.  If you know anyone, please let me know.  

As a final word, I want to thank everyone who gave Homeandet a shot at being their website and social media marketing provider.  I loved what we did here and enjoyed every minute that I spent serving you.  And that is echoed by our great team.  We will miss you all but wish you all the best in your pursuits. At the very least, I hope I've influenced enough of you to carry the torch and build great social media experiences.  That is the key to success in this new economy.  I live and breathe it every day.  And with that, I hope this is not really a goodbye, but simply, a see you later.