The heart is a chambered muscular organ in vertebrates that pumps blood received from the veins into the arteries, thereby maintaining the flow of blood through the entire circulatory system. (As defined by


Safe to say the heart plays a vital role in your body. It provides the very basic and necessary function that allows you to do everything else. We can easily take the heart for granted considering it continues to work while we sleep. The same can be said about the heart of your business. As long as the heart is pumping you have the opportunity to do everything else better. The rest is really up to you.


The web has certainly become the heart of an agent’s promotional strategy.   Statistics show a majority of prospective homebuyers start their search online.  As an agent, it is critical to your business that your web presence is alive and pumping.  This can be a challenge.   Real estate agents need to spend a lot of time on the road viewing and showing properties with their clients,  while at the same time maintaining their website and social media accounts to ensure they remain current.  If your website’s listings are outdated and your tweets are weeks old you risk missing out on prospective buyers and sellers.   This could be a hot new prospect that doesn’t call you because the next agent he finds provides a more dynamic online experience.


I’ve been told by many agents that this has created a real challenge for their businesses. To keep current it costs time and money. Some hire assistants to keep on top of their web updates but find it takes someone with real web savvy to perform these functions properly. This becomes expensive. Many try to maintain their accounts themselves. This is usually limited to their Facebook and Twitter accounts while their websites go stale. And when things are really busy everything web related gets ignored. It’s a vicious cycle that frustrates a lot of agents. If you are experiencing this you are not alone. And if you are not worrying about this you are falling behind.


Home Adnet has created a solution to get that online heart pumping for Realtors. The trick has been to merge a website builder with social media connectivity. Here is how it works. As a registered user on the Home Adnet network you are given a complete set of tools to set up a professional website. This includes a dynamic property listings manager which is the heart of our platform. You connect your social media accounts to your Home Adnet account through the simple social media manager. Once this is done you can forget about them. Whenever you create a listing, mark a property as sold, promote new features or any activity that changes a property listing a blast will be sent to all of your connected social accounts. So you manage your website and all of your important activity gets blasted to your social accounts automatically. It’s that simple. When business is too busy for you to play on social media you are covered as long as you commit to keeping your website current. Keeping current is critical to your business. Managing your listings is part of your core responsibilities. This combines the tasks into a simple but necessary routine for your business.


A successful online campaign requires more than just posting content. I’ll discuss in future blogs how Home Adnet will help you dive deeper into your online marketing strategy. However, you need to get that heart pumping before you can effectively do anything else. Home Adnet will provide that heart so you can ensure your online presence is dynamic. You will be able to manage your online strategy easily with Home Adnet’s free account. Whether you are stuck at an open house or drawing up an offer you will have the confidence knowing your online presence is beating loudly and working hard for you.


Be sure to register at as early registrants will be invited to be the amongst the first to test-drive our new platform and secure their unique account name early. The Beta launch is targeted for early 2013.


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