As you build your online content strategy, you need to think about how you can add value, engage your audience, and peak the interest of your followers.

Here are some suggestions of how to be engaging online!


Ask Questions

Conversation is a two way street. Post a question, and you’ll get some answers. It’s as simple as that. Encourage your audience to respond by asking them for their opinion, feedback, or insight. Encouraging conversation will ensure that your website stays active and fresh.


A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

You don’t have to write novels to engage your readers. People like to look at nice photos, and the right visuals can inspire your readers to ‘share’ or ‘like’ what you’ve posted. Use photos to tell stories – whether you're sharing images of your newest listings, staging expertise, or perhaps you're photo-documenting the construction of a hot new condo development in your city.


Polls and Surveys

Get your audience to engage with your content by posting polls and surveys. These types of tools can be found online for free, or for a small price, and can be embedded into your website or blog. Some examples include PollDaddy or SurveyMonkey. Not only do these tools engage your readers, but you can gather useful information to apply to your business! What kinds of questions could you poll or survey your audience to better serve your customers?

Hopefully these suggestions are a good start for you! Stay tuned for part 2 of the “How To Be Engaging Online” series, to be posted next week!