It has been fascinating watching the web evolve before our very eyes.  I remember searching the web for very specialised sites that shared the type of content I enjoyed. 

Whether it was music or movies, sports or business, my bookmarks folder was full.  Today there are even more websites that carry all sorts of content.
The difference being the convergence through social media.  Social media has changed the way we find and consume content while making content creators and providers ever more accountable.


Facebook and Twitter have become funnels for all of this content.  Major media agencies and individuals alike tweet, post and share.  Businesses have jumped in on the action in a big way through Promoted Tweets and Sponsored Stories.  It’s a big business and it is here to stay.


The problem has become an ever-growing overload of content.  If you’ve spent any time on Facebook or Twitter you will understand.  Imagine every type of TV show you can think off.  Now imagine all of these shows on one channel.  Obviously, online you have good search tools but my point highlights what the popular social media sites are striving for.  They want to capture the biggest audience and serve up everything they are interested in.


In some ways this has deteriorated my user experience.  I’m inundated with streams of unrelated content and certainly missing a lot of what I’d really like to see.  I’m often distracted by promoted tweets and sponsored stories, driven to the top of news feeds that have no relevance to what I am looking for.  If it’s an ad from a larger company I accept it as a slice of their media budget and the strength of their brand’s reach.  When I see ads from smaller companies I cringe.   This type of advertising is not cheap.  Especially when you are paying for impressions to people who don’t really care for what you have to say.


The upside to Facebook and Twitter is the massive, potential reach.  And for anyone with an interest in sales you need to be where the people are.  So how do you make sure you’re well represented on social media while focusing on the nuances of your own business?  The answer is simple:  Niche.


As a real estate agent you are in a niche industry.  There are requirements specific to your needs.  Facebook and Twitter are valuable resources and definitely require some of your attention.  However, none of these sites provide the tools specific to your needs as a Real Estate agent.  You require robust web tools to promote your business and the listings you represent.   You need to have this information accessible from multiple places.  This information needs to be kept current and promoted on a regular basis.  All of this costs valuable time and money.   There are numerous Real Estate web services that offer to streamline this process.  However, these are not genuine social platforms because they charge for basic services.


HOMEADNET is working hard to change all of this.  The goal is to build a bustling networking environment for Realtors.  The value will be in the community and content.  To achieve this HOMEADNET has committed to building the best web tools for Realtors and provide many of these services for free.   The opportunity to build and maintain a customized website and mobile web app, network with like-minded professionals, blast your listings to multiple social feeds at once and save time in the process is a tantalizing prospect for Realtors.  Especially if it is free.  This is the HOMEADNET reality.


Since there is no cost there is absolutely no risk.  As more and more agents adopt the platform HOMEADNET will open up Networks and provide tools for agents to connect and share properties of interest.  This is where HOMEADNET feels the platform will take flight.  Agents will discover the power of a rich, niche, realtor focused network.  The time they spend online will be spent building their web assets and networking with people who want to listen.  The HOMEADNET platform will take care of the tweeting, sharing and posting to other social sites.


This is just the beginning.  In future blogs I will focus on specific tools within the Home Adnet platform and highlight the true benefits of niche social.

Thanks for reading.