Real Estate Websites For AgentsThere is a strange phenomenon in the real estate industry.  There is a large number of Real Estate Agents who are looking for ways to “acquire” leads instead of earning them.  By this I mean they are constantly searching for products that will “deliver” Real Estate Leads.  I don’t mean to overuse double quotes but I’m just trying to drive home a point.

There are NO products on the market cultivating leads simply to deliver them to you for a price.  It doesn’t happen that way.  Acquiring leads is a result of patience, dedication and hard work.  Any platform that promises to sell you qualified leads for a price and nothing else is lying.  Simple.  Getting Leads in Real Estate has to be a result of smarts and hard work.  Good lead platforms provide a system that drives leads.  The systems are designed to attract real visitors to a website destination.  A place people want to visit to acquire knowledge and benefit from available resources.  There are a small handful of true lead generation platforms that get the job done.  I will dive deeper into that in a future blog.

However, a Homeadnet account provides Lead Generation for Real Estate built right into it’s website and social media marketing platform.

How does it work?  Web marketing is an imperfect science.  It revolves around a combination of algorithms and content.  Unless you are a software engineer there is not much you can do on the algorithm front but that is where content comes into play.  In Real Estate there are so many glorious opportunities to explore a solid content strategy.  Listings, testimonials and blogs.  All content.  Exploring amenities in your neighbourhoods of interest.  Community programs, restaurants and education.  Why would someone want to live in the area where you are listing properties?  Tell them with your website!  If you think about it, it is content that engages a visitor.  And an engaged visitor to your website has a higher likelihood of becoming a true Real Estate Lead.  The algorithms contained in Search, SEO, SEM and all of that technical jargon in digital marketing kick in when your content strategy is solid.  This is where a Real Estate Website built on Homeadnet’s website and social marketing platform can help you.  It brings together all of the content creation, management and distribution tools a Real Estate Agent needs to execute an effective online marketing strategy and drive real leads.  It puts the power in your own hands. Homeadnet Real Estate Websites You can explore all of the features in a Homeadnet account HERE but in essence you can create your content, have it automatically optimized for search and mobile and broadcast it to multiple social media networks  with one click.  Create it.  Promote it.  Keep it going.  And with Homeadnet’s built in Lead Generation and Validation tools you will know when you’ve hit your groove in your Real Estate Lead  Generation efforts.

It’s FREE to SIGN UP.  Give us a try.  The key is using the tools on a regular basis.  If you do, you will start seeing results and you will feel proud that your success is the result of your own hard work.

When you have a chance check out some real estate leads platforms.