Content is information.  And being the author of that content provides value to it’s owner.   As a Realtor you may ask how this applies to you.  Read on and I will explain.


I had an interesting conversation with an agent recently, specifically about the property listings manager we are building into the Home Adnet platform.  Offering constructive feedback, he argued that business is done through MLS.  It’s a service that all Realtors pay for and it is the means by which agents share and distribute information about properties on the market to their clients.  He asked where our property listings manager fits into the equation.  My answer was quite simple:  “Original content”.


Being the author of content is extremely important in the online world.  Content that YOU create, when managed properly, is linked to you through - Be the author of your web content various online portals.  It creates keywords and links that are all associated with your website, social profiles and ultimately your business.  Most importantly, it builds relevancy for your content and how it relates to your website in Google’s eyes.  This is the heart of a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.  Good content that you create will help drive you towards your online goals by enhancing your search rankings and increasing the chances NEW prospects will find you through web searches. - Real Estate Property Listings Manager

As a Realtor, the heart of your content is a property listing.  Aside from promoting an item in your inventory it contains many of the valuable keywords and phrases you would choose to associate with your business:  “For Sale”, “Property”, “Residential”…I could go on.  It contains pictures and videos that are also tagged with information.   Since property listings are linked directly with your core business it is an opportunity to create original, highly relevant content on a regular basis that contains these valuable keywords.  Continually adding and updating this content keeps search engines crawling back and indexing your site frequently which can add additional weight to your website in search results.  This is a very powerful, yet often overlooked SEO technique that Realtors can manage themselves to promote their businesses.  By utilizing MLS to send property listings to a current client you are following a tried and true industry protocol.  It works.  Why change it?  However, this exercise does nothing to promote your website and stimulate new inbound opportunities and leads from outside of the MLS circle.  We identified that Realtors need a system that works in parallel with their traditional business practises.  A system that is easy to use and serves to promote their businesses as much as it serves to promote their property listings. - Home Advantage Network

Free Web, Mobile and Networking Tools for Realtors

Creating a listing with the Home Adnet listings manager serves multiple functions.  For one, it is a piece of content that you have authored.  It provides original content that contains valuable keywords that are directly linked to you.  It renders a beautiful listing presentation for your website that represents your brand.  And it also broadcasts this listing to multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  All at once!  This is such a powerful tool that it will create more opportunities for people to find you.   On the surface, it may seem redundant to re-enter your property listings for your website when you can save time by embedding the listings from your listings service.  However, don’t underestimate the compounded benefits of creating original content for your website on a regular basis.   And it is important to note, embedding a listing on your website from a third party may promote the listing itself but the content links back to it’s source.  This enhances future search results for the source’s website.  Not yours.  Home Adnet will make it incredibly easy to promote your listings and your website at the same time.


In addition to the property listings manager Home Adnet will make it easier to create blogs and articles.  You can link any of your current listings within your blogs and share this content on the Home Adnet network and your social feeds creating even further visibility for your listings, your content and your business.    There is also a social sharing feature that lets you broadcast status updates, links and videos to all of your connected social media accounts.   There are numerous ways to create, manage and share all of your content.  All from one place.  Your FREE Home Adnet account.


We have no place or interest in trying to be another listings service.  What Home Adnet will provide is a set of tools to help agents and brokers manage - Web tools for Realtors identities online, create visibility and streamline their content workflows.  The focus of our platform is solely on the Real Estate sales industry and creating tools that agents and brokers will find extremely useful.  Having the ability or resources to execute a comprehensive online campaign is often a stumbling block for many Realtors.  Home Adnet will break down this wall and provide a single source solution to carry out these tasks.  And since it will be introduced as a FREE service it will be easy for anyone to jump in and give it a try.

Bill Gates once said  “Content is King.  This and more is so true in today’s digital world.  Nothing beats pure effort but having the right tools makes any job easier.  And that makes sense for any business.  


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Thanks for reading.