Put Your Plan Into Action

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

These are two very well-known sayings.

In borrowing from these two sayings, meeting your goals through web and social marketing becomes possible if you understand that:

Success is the sum of its parts.  

Web marketing begins and ends with a destination and an action. For a Real Estate agent their website is the destination and acquiring a lead is the ultimate action or conversion point. Successful web and social marketing requires a number of key parts working together to drive that conversion rate up.  If not done properly, you can create a distorted message that has little ability to drive traffic in and ultimately get that solid lead.

The key parts of an effective web and social marketing campaign are CONTENT, DISTRIBUTION and ENGAGEMENT.

CONTENT is information in the form of text, images and videos that help define what you do.  Content that you create builds relevance that helps link your website to the topics you talk about.  The more content about "Selling homes" that you publish, the more Google will attach that topic to you.  That is the foundation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Keep your website relevant by keeping it fresh and current and your Google search returns will improve over time.

DISTRIBUTION is the means to get your content to your targets.  These are potential clients.  The biggest mistakes I see today are businesses trying to lure people in without content.  In a nutshell, they have static websites and they use social media channels to promote these boring sites with little effect.  Would you watch TV if it had the same program on day after day?  Social Media is a terrific distribution vehicle if you have committed to a solid content strategy.


ENGAGEMENT is conversation.  Once a visitor arrives at your destination and consumes your content your next step is to engage them.  This is where a deal begins.  You finally have people lined up at the front of your store.  Now you want to personally invite them inside.  Engage your audience in good, knowledgeable conversation and find those new leads.

Success is getting all three parts of your marketing workflow working in harmony.  It's not easy, but it is they key to building quality leads online.  Fortunately, HOMEADNET provides you with all of the tools you need to create and DISTRIBUTE your CONTENT.  By doing so you create real opportunities to ENGAGE more people because your social channels will be alive with good information.  And by having all of these tools in one place you can actually follow through with an effective web and social campaign.

How it works:

CONTENT - Create property listings, blogs and status updates.

DISTRIBUTE - Use the Go! Social tool to connect your content to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

ENGAGE - Connect with other professionals on HOMEADNET's social network and all of your likes and follows on your other social channels.

If you need any help look for that Video Tutorials button in the top right corner of your account.  All the help you need is contained right there.

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