This is part one of a multi-blog series on things you can do on a daily basis to promote your business online.  HOMEADNET members enjoy the many benefits of an integrated website, mobile and social media marketing system that makes these daily tasks super easy.

They key to online marketing is focus and consistency.  This is especially critical in the Real Estate game due to the highly competitive nature and varying standards of marketing the industry presents.  However, done effectively, online marketing presents unlimited opportunity for Real Estate Sales Professionals.  This blog series presents simple things you can do on a daily basis to develop a stellar online marketing strategy.

Something You Can Do Today - Look In The Mirror

Look in the mirror

At the center of online marketing is CONTENT.  Are you content with your content?  Simply browse your own website while pretending to be a prospective client.  The key to this technique is being completely honest with yourself.  Would you call this agent if you were in the market?  Does the information contained within this website compel you to reach out and contact this agent?  If your website is consistently generating leads for you then this is a simple question to answer.  OF COURSE, YES!  However, if your site is not generating some inquiries on a regular basis at the very least then you HAVE to face facts and accept there is a problem with your website.  You can fool yourself into thinking your website is perfectly fine but a website's main goal is to generate awareness and ultimately channel leads down a funnel so your phone rings.  Anything less and a website is just bad wallpaper.

Getting Started

Blank SheetThe hardest part of any marketing strategy is figuring out what to do.  Staring at a blank sheet of paper can be very frustrating.  One thing I can tell you, and I have met a TON of agents, is even the most average sales professional has the "Gift of Gab".  If you're not talking you're not selling.  So what are you talking about?  Imagine you were suddenly in a room with a bunch of white-hot leads.  All with pre-approved mortgages and looking to relocate to the areas that you service.  These deals are just sitting there on a platter for you.  All you have to do is convince them you are the expert they seek.  What would you say to them?  If it takes you more than 5 seconds to think of three solid reasons why they should sign with you then perhaps we need to have a different conversation.  My guess is you will have a bunch immediately.  Write these reasons down, as many as you can think of.  Now go back to your website.  How much of this information is currently on your website?  If some or all of it is, how is it currently being presented? If none of it is then you have a clear indication of how to get your marketing started.  Your website talks to people when you can't.  So make sure it says the things you need it to in the clearest and most entertaining way possible.  You need to be a subject matter expert in the areas you service.  Your website has the potential to be a valuable resource to prospective buyers and sellers.


Some things that are important to me:

  1. Schools
  2. Transportation
  3. Restaurants
  4. Amenities
  5. Crime
  6. Community Programs


See where this is going?  Your website can be more than just a listing service.  I will argue that good information will drive more leads than listings.  If it is clear you know everything about an area that I'm looking to buy in I will feel confident in my choice if I pick you to represent my quest to purchase or sell a home.  So before you begin any marketing for your website get your list together.  Once you have a range of topics written down in your little book the next steps will get easier and easier.

In the next blog I will start to discuss the things you can do with your list of great information.

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