During the early stages of design for the Home Adnet platform we recognized a lot of Realtors already utilize custom websites they have spent good money on.  Expecting them all to abandon their websites wouldn’t be realistic or strategically smart in all cases.    It forced us to really look at the central idea of our platform.  What is it that we are really trying to do?  We concluded it was important to create a powerful platform that adapted to an individual user’s needs.


We looked at two core ideas from the outset, a Real Estate specific website builder and a niche social network.  Both exist currently in some form or another.  There are numerous website building platforms that Realtors use offering various templates and different levels of customization depending on price point.  There are also very good Real Estate Social Networks where agents can connect and communicate.  We looked at both of these models and decided we could fuse these concepts into one great platform.  We could provide a free model where agents and brokers can set up a very dynamic web presence while enjoying the benefits of a niche social environment.  But what about those Realtors that are happy with their current websites?


Home Adnet will be providing a free connection widget for registered users who are interested in sharing in the Home Adnet experience while maintaining their current websites.  We’re really excited about this feature.  This will provide Realtors with a dynamic property listings manager that feeds their website and provides the additional benefits of exposure for their listings in our niche Real Estate social network.  Not too mention a major bump for their SEO strategies as I will explain later in this blog.  This level of personalization will not force members of our community to tailor their web strategies to suit our platform.  Instead it is the reverse.  We’re creating a toolset that is flexible and can integrate into a user’s existing strategy.  They can pick and choose a workflow that works best for their own businesses and take advantage of some fantastic tools at the same time.  Individuals on tighter budgets will be able to build their complete web strategies for free on the Home Adnet platform.  Others, who have built up great websites and are just looking to create more networking opportunities while boosting visibility for their sites, will also find many benefits connecting to Home Adnet.


Here is how this will work.  As a registered user on the Home Adnet Network you will get access to all of the tools included in our free account.  You can read about these featureshere.  Your profile and public portal will be created as normal.  The difference being you won’t promote the public Home Adnet profile as your main destination.  Instead you can install a small piece of code on your current site and all of your listings and shared properties will stream to your website.  You can take full advantage of the visibility our shared network will create and you can manage all of these listings in real time.  Not to mention your personal listings will also be broadcasted to your connected social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.  The added benefit is the ability to link back to your main website from your Home Adnet public profile.  And remember, since you are managing your listings on both your main website and your Home Adnet profile with one listings manager, both sites will be updated simultaneously and remain current at all times.  The Home Adnet Profile is not some static registry sitting out on the web somewhere.  It is a live, dynamic billboard for your business.  For one, this is an additional destination where a prospective client may find you.  And secondly, more inbound link opportunities to your website just improves your SEO and the likelihood your search engine rankings will improve.  We like to call it “More Bang for No Bucks”


With this great feature combined with our integration to other social media sites Realtors can create a super dynamic web experience like they’ve never had before.  This is more than just building a website.  It’s a powerful marketing strategy for your business, a commitment to nurturing your online presence and ultimately growing your business.  We look forward to sharing these tools and trading experiences with our users as we develop the Home Adnet platform further.


Make sure to reserve your placement for our beta launch and secure your unique username early.  Our beta launch is targeted for early 2013.


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Thanks for reading!