By now, as a Real Estate Agent, you understand the importance of having a good website with a blog! But with so many Realtors out there, what distinguishes you from another Realtor? The Real Estate business is very competitive so how do you make your online presence stand out amongst all the others? What makes you different? What’s your hook? What’s going to entice a potential client to want to work with you?



The Internet is a very visual medium. What better way to communicate your work to your followers and potential clients than through beautiful photos? Good photos of a property can really entice people to want to go see it for themselves in person. With platforms like Instagram, you don’t even need to be a real photographer; you can almost fake it with funky filters and cool effects. If getting artsy behind the lens is your thing, then fill your blogs and social media channels with inspiring photos of the city you work in, or the homes you’re selling. Entice and tantalize potential buyers with visuals, and let them see what you see. If they’re captivated by the content you share, they may want to connect with you, and use your services when it’s time to buy or sell a home.


Design and Staging

Do you have a knack for design, or optimizing small spaces? Can you tell right away what a seller needs to do to stage their home to make it look more valuable?  Maybe you’ve helped transform a seller’s home from a cluttered mess to something that resembles a page out of House and Home magazine! If this is your forte, then play it up on your website. Show examples of homes before and after you worked your magic. Let your clients know that you can not only sell their home, but you can get them top dollar by increasing the value of their home with your staging skills!


Financial Advice

A lot of first time buyers don’t know what they can afford, how much money to put down, or what kind of mortgage they may qualify for. Perhaps you have a lot of knowledge in this area! Why not share some helpful financial tools, or resources with potential buyers to make this process a little less daunting! Posting some good, solid financial advice or even a FAQ section can improve your website SEO. You might even draw in people who could use your friendly advice, and eventually, your Real Estate services.


Cross Promotion

Whatever your specialty is, let it be known! Don’t be afraid to partner up with other people in the biz to cross-promote each other’s services and expertise! Do you know a good Mortgage Broker? Feature them on your website and in turn, they can feature you? Maybe you know a good moving company or storage facility; again, feature them on your site.


The more you can offer your potential clients above and beyond your already stellar skills as a Real Estate agent, the better chance you have of getting clients, referrals and repeat business!