You’re a real estate agent. And you have a website. And maybe you even have a blog! And you know it’s important to update your website with content and articles. But what if you’re not a writer? Crafting interesting content may come easy for some people, and it may be a chore for others.  If you consider yourself a smart Realtor, but you’re not a writer, then this one’s for you!

You don’t have to be a true wordsmith to provide useful communications to your followers. As a top selling Realtor, you’re likely on top of industry information, trends, and news and you’re able to enlighten your clients with relevant advice to guide them through the buying, or selling process. You also likely have access to stats and news sources that can be easily shared with people who are looking to you for relevant real estate information.

Rather than wracking your brain for a blog idea each week, why not provide your readers with a weekly “Real Estate Roundup” of information, statistics, and stories. Keep track of interesting and relevant news articles and videos you come across during the week, and then when you’re ready to publish your next content update, simply share these links in point form on your blog with a simple introduction about what you’ve been reading.

This method of updating doesn’t require a lot of crafty writing skills, but it does showcase what you’re all about and interested in. If potential buyers see that you’re on top of the latest industry news and trends, then they will view you as a trusted resource and an agent worth talking to at the least, and working with at best!