Code of Conduct Policy

HOMEADNET strives to maintain a dynamic and highly engaging environment for the Real Estate Professionals who have chosen to use our tools. The strength of our network relies on the technology and tools we create AND the users who share in the experience. HOMEADNET is a place of business and we are working hard to keep it that way. We expect users to treat the platform as a professional environment and show respect for their Contacts on the site. This makes our network a better place for everyone. We have developed our Code of Conduct Policy with this in mind and encourage any feedback or suggestions you may have.

  • Users must be licensed Real Estate Professionals or legally permitted to represent the Real Estate businesses they promote on HOMEADNET.
  • Users can only post content relative to the Real Estate Industry and their respective Real Estate businesses.
  • Users can only post content they own or have legal right to use.
  • Users are responsible for the content they contribute to any parts of the HOMEADNET site.
  • Users are to respect other users on the site and to treat everyone as professionals.
  • Users will not post or share any personal information about other users without the permission to do so.
  • Users can share property listings by other Users but will not claim these listings as their own or misrepresent their affiliation to these listings.
  • Users will set up their profiles as individuals with proper display names. Business information is included in the profile but can not be the main display name of the account. Slogans, business names, fake names or anything other that real names are not permitted. HOMEADNET reserves the right to suspend accounts until this requirement is met.
  • Users are free to select any page name they feel best represents their business. However, page names that violate copyrights, create confusion for other businesses or include any profanity will automatically be changed without warning.
  • User accounts must contain a valid, working email address.

HOMEADNET reserves to the right to suspend any accounts that are in violation of any terms found within our Terms of Use or Code of Conduct Policy documents. If your account has been suspended and you feel it was in error please contact us at

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