HOMEADNET is a networking and marketing site located at www.homeadnet.com that provides a powerful set of free tools for Real Estate Agents and Brokers to promote their businesses online through a series of Web, Mobile and Networking applications.

Can I create my own website on HOMEADNET?

Absolutely. HOMEADNET provides easy to use tools that allow you to create and manage your website to promote your Real Estate business. Using our specially designed templates you can add your own flare through our customization tools and create a beautiful and professional online presence for your business.

Will my site be viewable on mobile phones and tablets?

You bet! Your website is created in HTML5 which means it will display properly on today's popular mobile computing platforms. We will be introducing further mobile customization tools soon but we've got got you covered on mobile now.

I already have a website. Why would I need your site?

Ahhh, the million dollar question. The simple answer is networking and integration. When you create a website with HOMEADNET you also get a profile on our exclusive Real Estate social network. Connect with industry professionals, share your listings and receive feeds highlighting properties in your areas of interest. Your content is also fed automatically to your other social accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can manage your online life with one single login. Imagine the time savings. Also, in the near future we are planning to release HOMEADNET Widgets that will allow you to feed content to your existing website so you can enjoy the benefits of our networking tools while maintaining a website on your very own domain.

Is HOMEADNET available all over the world?

HOMEADNET's website is available anywhere the web will crawl. However, our exclusive Real Estate Network is built around a neighbourhood structure where agents and brokers can network with other like minded professionals in the neighbourhoods where they do business. We are rolling out our product region by region starting in the Greater Toronto Area. Everyone is free to subscribe and set up a website no matter where they are. If you don't see your area available in the Property Listings Manager please let us know you want in. We are expanding to new areas based solely on demand. We plan a full launch in the very near future. The highest demand areas will get priority to ensure an active and engaged network.

Will search engines be able to find my website?

We're terrible at playing Hide and Seek because we are always being found. Especially by search engines. HOMEADNET provides a powerful keyword engine and utilizes technology to ensure your site gets found by today's most popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Keyword tags are chosen for you based on the content you enter but you are always free to add and edit your keywords to see what works best for your site.

Do I need a programming degree to use HOMEADNET's tools?

As long as you know how to use a keyboard and a mouse you're good to go. HOMEADNET has worked very hard to design tools that are easy for everyone to use while harnessing our years of experience and understanding of technology. You can focus on your own content and running your business and we'll sweat it out in the background and make it all happen for you.

Will my clients see all of my network contacts on my website?

Absolutely not. HOMEADNET introduces the True Dynamic Profile (TDP). When you build your website our system will generate your public site and a separate profile page within the HOMEADNET Network. Only HOMEADNET Colleagues you have agreed to connect with can see your network profile. Everyone else sees your public website which contains the promotional information you want everyone to see.

Your site is Free? There must be a catch!

OK you got us! The "Catch" is we want you to love our site. We identified what we felt was a void in the Real Estate Industry. Specifically with how Agents and Brokers market their businesses online. We decided we wanted to change that. We love Real Estate. It is a dynamic industry and we just want to do our part. The tools that we are offering will remain free to all who choose to use them. As we learn and watch the site grow we will offer premium services to anyone who is interested in purchasing them. We will never charge for services that were originally given to you for free.

Can I upload pictures of my cat on HOMEADNET?

HOMEADNET is designed for the Real Estate industry. There is a clutter of content on today's popular social sites. We wanted to create a place that is for Real estate professionals only. We have created a Code of Conduct Policy. Activity that is deemed inappropriate for the Real Estate industry is frowned upon. Individual users can filter out any other users they deem unprofessional. Individual accounts can be reported here and will be investigated by our internal detectives. If we feel a site is in gross violation of our Conduct Policy we will immediately suspend the account.

Can I just say hello?

You just did. :-)

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